Sunday, May 25, 2008

35 and Counting

Bob and Kathy Rhubart 1972 This past weekend Kathy and I celebrated our 35th anniversary with a great dinner at Momocho, where we learned halfway through the excellent meal that our very gracious and affable waiter was owner/chef Eric Williams.  This was our first visit to Momocho, but we promised Eric that we wouldn't wait until #36 to return.

Last year at this time I posted exactly the same photo you see here, but we look so damned cute and so disgustingly young that I figure it's worth a reprise.  That's a guitar case on the floor. Nearly forty years later I still have that guitar, plus two amazing daughters, two equally amazing granddaughters,  and, knock wood, a damned good life. I owe pretty much all of that to my Chippewa goddess. Thanks, Kathy.

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Tim Ferris said...

Congratulations, and great picture. (We inherited those lamps from my mother-in-law in 1990, and she probably bought them at the Shreve Hardware in 1973, when Gloria graduated from college). I used to buy those zip-up dress boots for what seems like forever. It's all getting farther back in the rearview mirror.