Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fungus causes pumpkins to develop mold - Yahoo! News

Fungus causes pumpkins to develop mold - Yahoo! News: "Shoppers should look for bright orange pumpkins with strong, green stems, which indicate the fruit was picked recently while the vine was healthy, Egel said. Consumers should also check for moldy areas or soft spots, especially on the bottom of the pumpkins, he said. Pumpkins should be stored in dry, shady areas until carving"

This story showed up at the top of list of the Yahoo News Most Emailed Stories feed.

Why? Are we that bored? Do we really need tips for pumpkin shopping?

Of course, better this than another story about a school shooting...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006 - Life At The Drive In That Refuses To Die - Life At The Drive In That Refuses To Die: "It’s about two hours before show time on a perfect summer Friday evening. In Judy Kissel’s office in a corner of the squat concrete block building that houses the drive-in’s concession stand, the phone rings every twenty seconds. The stream of people flowing through the cramped space -- young women preparing the concession stand, young guys picking up their reflective vests and two-way radios for security detail -- brings to mind an anthill. They all have questions for Judy, and she has the answers – she’s the general manager. Most of the time she’s deftly handling three conversations at once, with the ease and efficiency of an air traffic controller. On a typical night it takes a staff of thirty people to make it all work, and on this night there are moments when it seems that they’re all in Judy’s office. But the lady is in her element, and the Memphis Drive-in is in her genes."

If the news that the Memphis Drive-in is biting the dust isn't the right moment tor resurrect this column I did for Cool Cleveland, what is?