Monday, February 23, 2004 Search

Chris Seper interviewed me for at least 20 minutes, and all I got were two lousy quotes.

Thursday, February 19, 2004 Search

The OneCleveland project has my complete support, and I think it's wonderful that Shaker Hts. is getting involved. But I don't understand the suggestion to set up hotspots along jogging trails. I have a hard enough time typing when my laptop is sitting on my desk. Multitasking is necessary skill, but let's be rational.
On the bus this morning the woman sitting in front of me spent the entire trip putting on her make-up, clutching a small, smudged mirror in one hand while deflty working the various tools -- including that same kind of eyelash tool that I remember my mother using when I was a child. Can that be the state of the art in eyelash manipulation?

As she applied her make-up, the woman kept glancing cautiously over her shoulder at the man in the seat behind me. I had headphones on, but could just make out low mumbling. I turned the volume down on the headphones the better hear what was going on, and was surprised to hear that the guy was singing. It wasn't a recognizable song, but rather a rambling, stream of conscsiousness rumbling.

I got off the bus, went into Mike's on Superior and 6th to by a donut. The woman with the make-up entered just ahead of me. She looked nice.

A few minutes later, waiting to cross the street at 6th and St.Clair, I noticed perfectly normal-looking guy walking downthe street, sipping coffee and talking animatedly to himself.

You don't see this kind of stuff in Bay Village.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Yahoo! News - Jackson Comes Undone at Super Bowl; MTV Says Sorry

It wasn't so long ago that the halftime entertainment at the Superbowl consisted of several dozen fresh-faced young people in matching sweaters singing selections from "The Music Man" and various patriotic songs. Now we get to watch Janet Jackson rub her butt against Justin Timberlake's crotch.