Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Mystery Post-it

Just now, after making my regular afternoon Diet Coke run, I discovered a Post-it note stuck to the control panel of the elevator. The contents of that note are exactly as follows:

"Dave says not theirs. They came home w/all their clothes on, but had a great time. Must have been a wild party after they left!"

What does it all mean? How do I get invited to the next party?

Friday, October 08, 2004

Hunt for little green men yields only a pink slip

This story just plain pissed me off. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services' dismissal of Charles E. Smith is wildly, incredibly unfair, and the coverage of the story falls far short of explaining the nature of Mr. Smith's "offense."

The software in question is an ingenious screensaver developed by SETI that processes a tiny amount of data during periods when the host computer would otherwise be unoccupied. I've had the same software on my home machine and my work machine for years, as have several colleagues. The software is unobtrusive, and would in no way affect the perfomance of the ODJFS computers, or Mr. Smith, for that matter.

I hope Mr. Smith finds a very good lawyer and sues the bejabbers out of the hyper-reactive morons at ODJFS.