Thursday, April 20, 2006

KPIG.COM - Freedom, CA

A few years back I discovered the streaming feed KPIG.COM, in my opinion the best radio station in the nation. But after a few months, under pressure over the Internet music rights issue, the station took the live feed down, making available only to RealPass subscribers.

I've been listening to Sirius of late, mostly the Outlaw Country and Sirius Disorder channels, but on a whim checked out the KPIG site and was very happy to see that the free live feed is again available.

If you enjoy Americana, presented by DJs reminiscent of those from the golden age of FM in the late 60s-early 70s, give KPIG a listen.

128k mp3 Feed

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SaltPork said...

Not so anymore. You can listen to them via a plug-in app in you browser. I use FireFox. Just go to the main webpage and follow the muck, er a trail.

Listener in Salt Lake City