Monday, February 13, 2006

Has Stern Lost His Touch?: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

In his Motely Fool commentary about Howard Stern's Sirius programming (Has Stern Lost His Touch?), Rick Munarriz observes:

The problem is that pulling back the curtain -- and offering 24/7 newsy dissections -- does the flagship show no favors.

Stern is a guilty pleasure for me, and as a Sirius subscriber I've had more than a few good laughs on the way to work in the morning since his Sirius debut in January. (I will admit that on at least two recent occasions I was so completely grossed out that I had to switch channels. I will not describe the content.)

But what Stern needs to learn in a hurry is that his fans want to hear his show, not a lot of shows about his show. The Howard 100 news is -- no surprise -- a complete waste of time, as are the other spin-offs, including the wrap-up show mentioned in the quote above.

Stern has mentioned a few ideas for other programs that have some promise: a crack-whore satire of The View for one, and another he mentioned a couple of weeks ago that would bring Iraq War vets on for an uncensored discussion of their experiences (as close to a serious news program as Stern is likely to get).

But for now the filler programming on the two Stern Sirius channels, including the thoroughly repugnant Bubba the Love Sponge, is not going to help me cash in on my Sirius stock.

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