Friday, December 19, 2003

OBJECTIVE: Creation Education - Wacky Evolutionists

When confronted with Creationist thinking, I am always amazed at the zeal with which the practioners jam square pegs into round holes -- a militantly strict Biblical interpretation of natural history. Why are Creationists so quick to give god so little credit? Evolutionism and the Big Bang theory offer ample evidence of powerful, undeniable forces at work, an endlessly emerging intelligence that exists whether we understand it or not. If god exists, and if god is all-knowing and all-powerful, what does it matter if the universe and everything in it was created 6000 years in a poof of divine magic, or if it evolved over millions of years. Why would time matter at all to god? It's not like he wears a watch. God is not threatened by Evolution. Creationists are.

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